Herd Sires - our bucks

All of our adult bucks are tested for Johne's, CAE & CL and ADGA registered.

We are very fond of our bucks and proud of these boys. Selected for the sweetest temperaments and excellent milking genetics, each of these bucks' progeny will add value and love to your herd. Each is registered with ADGA and some have multiple registrations with AGS and NDGA, making registering your kids simple regardless of which association you register your herd with.


Due to an increase in buck population here at the ranch, we are offering a few of our bucks for sale.

We currently do not offer a stud services except in very special situations.

Joyful Hearts P Kealoha VEE90

DOB 3.3.14 ADGA * AGS * NDGA Registered

     SS: +*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops OF Jupiter *S LA EEE 91 

Sire: Algedi Farm DJ Piper LA: VEE '89'

     SD: CH Algedi Farm D Capella LA: VEEE '90' E 


     DS: Rosasharn Dakota Skipper *S LA VVE '88'

Dam: Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 1*M; 3*D; VEEE '90'

     DD: Joyful Hearts Cav Maile 2*D, LA: VEVV '86'


Tiger Tracks tied for #5 for High Milk production on One Day Milk test at 5 yrs old (AGS) in 2015.

More about Aloha


ADGA extended pedigree

Tres Rios O Titan

""Mr. T" DOB 3.25.19 ADGA Registered

     SS: Desertnanny BE Trump Card VEE 88

Sire: Tres Rios TC Ocitillo VEE 88

     SD: Joyful Hearts LilyoftheValley

     DS: Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay

Dam: Alethia HM Cassiopia EEVV 89

     DD: CH Algedi Farm D Capella VEEE 90 


Extended Pedigree


Joyful Hearts WR Selah VEE89

DOB 2.23.15 ADGA Registered

     SS: +CH Algedi Farm Smokin' Hot Honey *B

Sire: Alethia SHH Worth Repeating *B

     SD: Alethia CTO Dew It Again 6*M 

     DS: Castle Rock Sign O The Times *B

Dam: Gryphon ST Sweet Dreams

     DD: GCH Rosasharn AX B-Yootiful 5*M


Selah is owned by Vasquez Ranch. We are thrilled to have him on our roster of bucks!



DOB 3.21.18 ADGA  Registered 

Red Rooster T August Heatwave

     SS: Pecan Grove Cowboy Casanova

Sire: Cottonwood Croft CC Tabasco

     SD: Urban Acres PP Starry Night   


     DS: Joyfulhearts P Kealoha

Dam: Red Rooster K Rosie Cottoncandy

     DD: Red Rooster Artemis Agrotera

Polled & Blue Eyes


This flashy guy was retained in 2018 as one of most beautiful babies but also out of one of our most promising does. His dam, "Rosie", is one of our Aloha daughters and out of a line of heavy milkers on her dam's side. As a first freshener, we were hesitant to keep a buck, but with his good looks, we will find work for him until his dam can prove herself to be all that we hope she will be as a second freshener and beyond. 


Desert Breeze Gandalf the White VEE 89

DOB 2.7.13 ADGA * NDGA * AGS Registered

     SS: MI Sugarcreek Wistful

Sire: Prairie Wood Wistful Spirit

     SD: AGS Nizhoni's Confeti


     DS: GCH AGS Lost Valley KW Orion +B 

Dam: Prairie Wood Angelica

     DD: AGS LIL Roughnecks Almost Heaven *D

Gandalf was our first buck on the farm and he has fathered many kids over the years. We have decided to let him live out his years here and occasionally breed him. He gives us fun, flashy kids with those beautiful black spots over white. He's a sweet boy as well as handsome. Visitors always love to see him and remark on his hipster goatee.



Reference Bucks

The below bucks are no long at Red Rooster. They have either moved on to new farms or returned to their homes after being here on loan. We leave them up for reference as they are a part of the pedigrees of many of our goats.

Velander Ima Huslter, Baby

DOB 5.2.18 ADGA Registered, "Baby"

     SS: Alethia JD Bachelor Party *B (1-5 VEE 87)

Sire: Camanna BP Jamins Wedding

     SD: 3*M AR Cold Mountain Farm BrownI'DSuszn 5*D  7-3 VEEE 90


     DS: Pippin Hill FC Main Title VEV 88

Dam: Diji Farm MT Bye Bye Baby ++VV85

     DD: Diji Farm Pal's Rock-A-Bye EEE 91 3*M


ADGA extended pedigree


DOB 2.2.17 ADGA & AGS Registered 

Cottonwood Croft CC Tabasco +V+84

     SS: Blunderosa Sir Charles

Sire: Pecan Grove Cowboy Casanova

     SD: DF Farms EDH WishUponAStar *D   


     DS: NC PromisedLand SS Ping Pong *S

Dam: Urban Acres PP Starry Night

     DD: Urban Acres WC Truffle

Polled & Blue Eyes


Tabasco was appraised as a young 2-year-old. We expect him to continue to improve as he matures. He has given us consistent, long-bodied and elegant does as well as super flashy, adorable polled and blue-eyed babies!


Hidden Hills HB Hollywood 

DOB 3.13.2017ADGA Registered

     SS: ++*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter EEE 91

Sire: CH Algedi Farm DJ Higgs Boson *B EVE 90 

     SD: SGCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M EEVE 90 

     DS: *B Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay

Dam: Poppy Patch HB Material Girl

     DD: Algedi Farm DJ Just Like Honey 


Hollywood was loaned to us in 2018 from Vasquez Ranch. 


ADGA Extended pedigree

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