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Coturnix Quail

Quail are a versatile and unique addition to any homestead. Quieter than chickens, they can be kept in the city as there are no ordinances regarding them. Our birds are exceptional as we provide mineral supplementation, probiotics and electrolytes and high protein feeds.

There are many benefits to quail. For one, quail eggs are superior to chicken eggs. They contain more fat and protein 

by weight, double the iron and riboflavin, and about one-third more vitamin B12 than chicken eggs. Quail eggs are also hypoallergenic for most people unlike chicken eggs. It takes 5 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg in recipes.


Possibly the most significant benefit to raising quail over chickens is that quail are sexually mature at 8 weeks of age verses chickens who take 5-6 months to begin laying. Another win for quail over chickens is they are coop ready

much faster. Quail hatch in18 days and only need supplemental heat for 3 weeks before they are completely coop ready. Production is often higher with quail because they lay every day as opposed to chickens who lay every one and a half days.  

JMF Jumbo Brown

Jumbo Brown quail are valued for their egg and meat production. Ready to process at 6 weeks and laying by 8 weeks, they are one of the fastest meats to grow out. 


Celadon is a variety of Coturnix with a recessive "celadon" gene that results gorgeous blue eggs! They come in a variety of colors and lay stunning blue eggs, sometimes with brown flecks. Ready to process at 6 weeks and laying by 8 weeks, they are one of the fastest meats to grow out. 

We do not currently raise or sell quail. We are hoping to be adding them back in 2023 or 2024.


Hopkins Heritage Homestead is a small, family farm located in Acton, Ca. where they humanly raise quality Blue American and Beveren rabbits and Desert Painted sheep. We have partnered with HHH to offer a more extensive variety of homesteading livestock. Our friends at Hopkins share our dedication to providing our livestock with the best care and attention using holistic methods whenever possible. They also share our passion for natural parenting and faith in God. We couldn't be prouder to offer their stock and products. 

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