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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Reservations

Placing a paid reservation is the first step in purchasing a baby goat from us. Sales are based on priority reservations, the free waitlist, and then posted available goats on our FOR SALE page. 


Still have questions before you reserve? Visit our FAQ page and if you still have questions, please contact us!

Ready to reserve? Jump to the reservation form below

Updated May 8, 2024

Spring 2024 is sold out for does and we only one buck kid two adult bucks available.


We are still accepting spring 2025 reservations. Please complete the reservation request form to begin the process.

Note: We will not have any kids in fall 2024 and are now moving to only spring kiddings.


2025 Prices

Wethers $250 - 650

Bucklings and does $600- $900


Price note: 2025 is going to a big year for us with milk testing and linear appraisals planned. Does who receive their milk star and/or high appraisal scores will reflect this increase in value in their 2026 and beyond kid prices. 


Please review our sales policies and FAQ to address any further questions. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Until pregnancies are confirmed by blood test, we retain the right to change bucks used. 



Deposits are non-refundable unless we are unable to provide our customers with the reservation that was placed. The option to roll a deposit over is available one time. Due to the nature of a "non-refundable" deposits, they must be paid as "cash" and not goods and services. We accept Zelle & Venmo. Paypal and credit card payments are available for a fee.

$100 is required to reserve each doe or buck kid and is applied to the purchase price of the kid(s). 


Wether reservations are on hold as of now. We are accepting free waitlists but have not decided if we are going to continue with wether reservations. Our buck kids have been in high demand for the last few years and we want to prioritize buck sales at this time. 

How to Reserve

We strongly recommend placing a paid deposit to reserve your kid(s). By placing a non-refundable, paid reservation, you "save your spot in line". The first step is to complete this reservation form. We will contact you to arrange payment and to discuss the best fit for you. It is free to be on our waitlist however, paid reservations will take priority.

Do I get to pick which breeding(s) my kids are reserved from?

Does and bucks can be by specific breeding or by general trait and/or time frame and order of deposit dates.

Wether reservations are filled in order of deposit dates after buck reservations have been filled. Any kid marked as "buck only" will be available to wether customers at the buck price. 

We work very hard to ensure we are as fair as possible to everyone but cannot predict gender and/or viability of the kids due. We use ultrasound scans to get an estimated count of kids in each breeding and this is what we base our reservation availability on. We take reservations conservatively so that we can do our best to fill every one based on the requests.


We reserve the right to keep any and all kids from any breeding regardless of any paid reservations up until the kid leaves our property. In this event, or any event that prohibits us from fulfilling our end of the reservation, we will offer a full refund or the option to roll over your reservation to another breeding or season. 

Farm Visits

Due to the increase in interest in our farm and current health concerns, visits are limited to customer pick ups only.

(Contact Twin Creeks Farm in San Diego to schedule a baby goat play date!


We have been having technical difficulties with this page. If the Reservation Request Form below does not load, please contact us and we can send you a manual form to submit. Thank you!
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