Joyful Hearts P Kealoha

DOB 3.3.14 ADGA * NDGA * AGS Registered


   GrSire: +*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter *S EEE 91 (deceased)

Sire: Algedi Farm DJ Piper VEE89

   GrDam: CH Algedi Farm D Capella VEEE90


   GrSire: Rosasharn Dakota Skipper *S VVE88

Dam: 1*M; 3*D Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks VEEE90; 2015 tied for #5 for High Milk production on One Day Milk test

   GrDam: Joyful Hearts CAVMaile 2*D, VEVV86


Aloha's dam, "Tia" had a very strong, VERY long lactations, as does her littermate sister, and granddam. Tia milked 5#'s of milk on her One Day Milking Competition with AGS & ADGA!


Tia was awarded a permanent Linear Appraisal Score of 90 - Excellent! Thus she earned her ADGA 1*M designation.


Sadly, Tia left this world in 2016 leaving a hole in all of our hearts. She was a special girl. Her legacy lives on in Aloha and her other progeny.

In addition to being a rock star for milking and correctness, he is *the* sweetest! Most of his offspring inherit his temperament and prove to be just as sweet as well as correct. If you are looking to add milk to your herd, any of his offspring will bring you those genes. 


Aloha's Dam - 1*M, 3*D Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks VEEE90

Photos courtesy of Joyful Hearts Farm

Photo courtesy of Joyful Hearts Farm

Aloha's Sire - Algedi Farm DJ Piper VEE89

Photo courtesy of Joyful Hearts Farm

+*B GCH Algedi Farm Drops OF Jupiter *S LA EEE91 

Photo courtesy of Alethia Homestead.

Aloha's Sire's Dam - CH Algedi Farm D Capella VEEE90

Photos of Capella courtesy of Alethia Homestead.

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