Californian Rabbits

We had an opportunity to adopt a breeding trio of Californian rabbits and, well, we hopped on it. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself there.) 


We aren't quite ready just yet for rabbit breeding. So, for now, the does hang out with the bachelor roosters until their garden run is ready. The buck is, sadly, still caged. Keep checking back for updates on how we raise our breeding rabbits in a semi-free range environment!


Our goal is to be raising rabbits for meat and eventually pelts. We do feed our ranch dogs raw meat and are always looking for ways to be more self-sufficient and cut back on farming costs.


The plan is to raise the rabbits in our garden area that's already lined with chicken wire about two feet deep. They will be fed with barely grass fodder and other veggies that we will get going in our, one day, aquaponics system. For now, they will get to munch on hay and whatever we can grow for them in their garden patch. 


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