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Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

All of our goats are tested for CAE, CL and Johne's and ADGA registered.

As a small, family farm, temperament is *the* trait we breed to foremost. Next are milk production, confirmation and beauty. We admit it, we love to see beautiful, healthy goats grazing in their pasture!


We typically plan our kidding for early spring and late summer. You can see our for sale page for available goats as well as our kidding schedule to secure a reservation for an upcoming kidding.

Breeding Stock

Each of our breeding does and bucks are carefully selected for the best genes and combinations of genes available. You can see pictures, videos, lineage and notes about each of our goats on their individual pages. 

In the last few years, we have brought in some fantastic genetics both on the show/milk side as well as the flashy gorgeous side of things. Our favorite addition to the herd has been the polled gene. Polled means that a goat will naturally not grow horns. It is a dominant gene so approximately half of the kids born to a polled parent will be without horns. We like those odds!

We do offer pet quality kids at a lower price than our show/milk breedings. Prices are determined based on demand for certain traits as well as quality of milking genetics. This quality is based on performance testing of parents, grandparents etc. as well as our own observations.

Upcoming Kiddings

Check out our kidding schedule for the most current posted information on planned breedings. Note that while we update our website as often as we can, we update our social media weekly, even daily during kidding season. 


While it is free to be on our waitlist, paid reservations do take priority. We high recommend placing a paid reservation if you know you would like to get your goats from us. We occasionally have "extras" we are able to offer to the waitlist, but the typical situation is that our sales go to our paid reservations. Visit the reservations page for more detailed information and instructions on how to submit your reservation. 

The Wether Report

A wethered goat is a male who has been castrated. These are the boys who didn't make the cut for breeding bucks. Wethered goats make excellent pets, weed eaters or additions to your barn yard.

Not sure which gender is right for your situation? Check out our article on the pros and cons of each. 

Wethers are our most popular goats and usually sell out fast. We do take reservations on wethers however we never know if we will have any available in a kidding. Contact us for more information.

Please note that goats are herd animals and cannot be alone, they must have at least one other goat in their herd. While there are always exceptions to a rule, we will not sell a single goat to a home that does not already have goats. 

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